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NEW !!!


NEW !!!



It makes me very happy to announce to all E.O.C. members that in 2017 we have grown by "leaps and bounds". I would like to welcome our friends from the Oshawa General Racing Pigeon Club and the N.E.F. to our combine. Thank you for considering the Eastern Ontario Combine as your choice to enjoy the 2017 Old Bird season. I am sure it will be exciting for all involved to have such strong competition to fly our birds against every weekend.


I hope this is a sign of things to come in our efforts to build one of the biggest and strongest combines in eastern Ontario. Including our newest members, we will have 43 members flying the Old Bird series this year. The future looks great! Welcome aboard my friends!

I wish everyone a great racing season and hope everyone has great returns!!!


Yours in this great sport

Sam Ferrara

President of the

Eastern Ontario Combine

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